NO. Product Name Similar Grade CAS NO. Packing
CT6001 ZX Octane 9100 1 - 99% Anilines mixture 200kgs Drum
CT6002 ZX Octane 9200 93 - 99% Anilines mixture 200kgs Drum
CT6003 ZX Octane 9220 99%min Anilines mixture 200kgs Drum
CT6004 ZX Octane 9065 98%min Fe based 25kgs Drum
CT6005 ZX Octane 9062 / 9098 62 - 98% Mn based 200 or 250kgs Drum
CT6006 ZX Octane MTBE 98%min MTBE based ISO Tank with N2
CT6007 ZX Octane 9262 93-99% Mixture 200kgs Drum
CT6008 ZX Octane SBAC 80-99% Green octane booster 180kgs Drum
CT6009 ZX Octane CMT 90-99% Mn based 25kgs Drum
CT6010 ZX Octane TAME 96%min TAME based ISO Tank with N2
CT6011 ZX Octane IEH 1-50% Ferric isooctanoate based 180kgs drum
CT6101 ZX DEANOL 99%min 108-01-0 170kgs Drum
CT6102 ZX DMAPA 99%min 109-55-7 165kgs Drum
CT6103 ZX VCAP 99%min 2235-00-9 200kgs Drum
CT6104 ZX DTBHQ 98%min 88-58-4 25kgs Drum
CT6105 ZX NMP 99%min 872-50-4 200kgs Drum
CT6106 ZX PC 99%min 108-32-7 250kgs Drum
CT6107 ZX AA 99%min 123-54-6 195kgs Drum
CT6108 ZX TXP 99%min 25155-23-1 200kgs Drum
CT6109 ZX PCBTF 99%min 98-56-6 250kgs Drum
CT6110 ZX MOPA 99%min 5332-73-0 170kgs Drum
CT6111 ZX PTBBA 99%min 98-73-7 25kgs Bag
CT6112 ZX Viscosity Reducer As required Mixture 170kgs Drum
CT6113 ZX MCPD 93%min 26472-00-4 190kgs Drum
CT6114 ZX BTPSC 97%min 1624-02-8 25kgs Drum
CT6115 ZX DMCHA 98%min 98-94-2 170kgs Drum
CT6116 ZX DMDS 99.9%min 624-92-0 200kgs Drum
CT6117 Sodium Methylate (or 30% solution in methanol) 98/29%min 124-41-4 25/950kgs drum
CT6118 Sodium Ethoxide 98%min 141-52-6 25kgs Drum