ZX CHEMTECH fuel and refinery specialty additives are designed for use in automotive, industrial fuel and refinery applications to help you take on the challenges of today and tomorrow.

They are including:

Various octane booster technologies: 
   Reduce knocking and improve drivability by increasing the RON of gasoline.

Stabilizers / Demulsifiers / Dispersants: 
   Prolong life of fuel and prevent water contamination.

Combustion catalysts: Prolong engine life and increase fuel economy.

Corrosion inhibitors: Prevents corrosion of tank and fuel system.

Deposit control additives: Act as detergents to clean the engine.

Specialized chemicals for various applications in the refining process.

Our customers include refineries, fuel blenders and wholesalers as well as aftermarket suppliers. The Optimized fuel performance can be obtained by combining ZX CHEMTECH special fuel additives with other ZX functional fuel additives or single use.                   

ZX CHEMTECH also supplies oil and gas drilling chemicals in oil / gas field exploitation, including:
Fluids and Muds chemicals.    
Drilling Polymers.    
Bactericide and Algicide 
Organophosphine Antiscale and Corrosion Inhibitors.  
Metal Corrosion Inhibitors.    
Polycarboxylic antiscale and dispersant
Drilling defoaming agent etc. 

For more information on how ZX CHEMTECH's team of specialists can serve you, please contact us, We look forward to hearing from you !