TIANJIN ZHONGXIN CHEMTECH CO.,LTD., with abundant experience in the chemical synthetic field, specializesin the production applying with fresh thoughts, introducing high-new technology, and taking full advantages of our original know-how, advanced equipment and facilities. Supported by our excellent R&D team with the reliable and skilled analysis, ZX CHEMTECH has developed many new projects ranging from the high quality intermediates, speciality chemicals and reagents.  To provide top quality products and services at the most reasonable prices is our business credo.

Based on the request of the customers,the volume of our synthesis may vary from grams or kilograms to MetricTon-scale, relying on our advanced laboratories, pilot workshop and production enlargement in the plant including GMP workshops, with the reactors ranging from 50 ml to 8000 L, capable of carrying out reactions under a variety of conditions with enough in-house analytical equipment : HPLC, GC, UV, Karl-Fisher, Stability test Machine, etc.
We are proud to announce from the development stage all the way through the commercialization, ZX CHEMTECH now has the full capability to meet the customers' need.

The following compounds we can provide:

Carbonyl Compounds 
 Benzoic acids
 Carboxylic acids

Nitrogen Compounds
 Nitro Compounds

Oxygen Compounds

 Fluoro Compounds
 Chloro Compounds
 Bromo Compounds

We have the following two operational procedures:
1. Customer provides the synthesis route.
ZX CHEMTECH chemists' team will evaluate the process and provide the costing and delivery time for the customer to make the decision. 
2. Synthetic information is limited or unavailable
Customer requests that we determine the best route of synthesis. ZX CHEMTECH will conduct the literature research of the target compounds and the synthetic methods, if the customer is satisfied with our costing, the preliminary experiment will be arranged with a sample for the quality approval by the customer. 
In a word, ZX CHEMTECH commits to continuously provide high quality specialty chemicals with competitive pricing and the speedy delivery. What we work for a new project is more than what the customer anticipates, only the successful syntheses should be charged.