Halogen free flame retardant
CT1309 is similar to SPB - 100, is a new efficient halogen free flame retardants for circuit board base material, resin, and encapsulation etc. which is secure type of halogen free flame retardants, is an upgrading product for traditional organic phosphate ester additives like (RPP, BPP PX - 200, SPB - 200, SPB - 607 - h, etc.) and DOPO etc., completely overcomes the poor properties of hydrolysis resistance and heat resistance from traditional phosphate ester flame retardant, and more satisfied with different industries' high reliability requirements. 

Advantages and characteristics: 
1. Phosphorus and nitrogen synergistic flame retardant (13.4% phosphorus content, nitrogen content 8%), high flame retardant efficiency. 
2. Nitrogen phosphorus olefinic bond has the much stronger bonding force than phosphate ester, so hydrolysis resistance and moisture resistant is excellent. 
3. Heat resistant performance is good, high thermal stability, melting point above 112 degree centigrade, no plasticizing effect, initial decomposition temperature is above 350 degree centigrade). 
4. Solubility in organic solvents such as ketones or DMF is excellent, is a new type of high efficient environmental friendly halogen free flame retardant. 

More product information as below: 

Chemical Name: Phenoxycycloposphazene 

CAS No:1184-10-7 , Formula: C36H30N3O6P3 , Formula Weight: 693.5612 

Appearance: Off-white crystalline powder 

Melting Point: 110-115degree centigrade 

Content: 98%min 

Lost on drying: 1.0%max 

Package: 20Kgs per drum 

Preservation: Keep in sealed, low temperature and dry conditions 

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