ZX CHEMTECH is a leading supplier of Polyurethane (PU) raw materials and its additives, which are the first-class quality in China for the PU industry, being used to control and facilitate the technical process, improving the performance characteristics of the polymers, and reducing the operation costs as well.

Products include:
General Purpose Amine Additives;
Blowing Agents , Foam Control Agents;
Cross-Linkers , Chain Extenders , Curing Agents;
Flame Retardants;
Moisture Scavenger;
Silane Additives;
Metal Tin Catalyst;
Surfactants , Emulsifiers;
UV Stabilizers and Absorbers;
Versatile Solvents;
Fluorescence Whitening Agents;
Reactive Diluents;
Other Special Additives and Catalysts
ZX CHEMTECH's Research & Development team can help you optimize your formulation to lower your production cost and improve production quality.
UV Photoinitiators
are the critical components of the UV curing process and in the production of UV curing industries. UV curing has become a well established technology with a large number of industrial applications. It is particularly suitable to improve the quality of finished products, saving time, energy and space, reducing the operation costs, being considered as a "Green Technology". This technology is mainly used in the fast drying of printing inks, curing of functional and protective coatings, manufacture of adhesives and microelectronics, even in medical technology and various other applications etc. The rapid development of UV curing technology is due to its distinct commercial, technical and environmental advantages.

ZX CHEMTECH is a global supplier of
Free Radical and Cationic Photoinitiators, as well as Other Complementary and Special Additives for UV curable systems.
Nowadays, ZX CHEMTECH can supply a broad range of photo-initiators for UV curing industries, with R&D being active in improving existing products, developing new products to satisfy new industry and individual needs.

The best individual photoinitiator or combination is dependent on a number of variables including:
* chemistry of the resin system
* selection of monomers
* UV lamp type and orientation
* cure speed required
coating property requirements
* substrate and many others.
Such factors that determine which photoinitiators should be chosen for a particular application and how the different types are used, selection of the correct photoinitiator or photoinitiator combination is critical to achieve the desired speed and properties.
At present, ZX CHEMTECH can offer:
- product support
- product development
- toll manufacturing
- a team of experienced UV chemists
- joint development programs with customers
ZX CHEMTECH has created several technical partnerships with customers which have proven to be a good starting point for long-term relationships.

If you would like to know more about our UV program and expertise or if you have a technical problem, please contact us freely.